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On the eve of Mother's Day 2020, I was thinking of all the mothers out there. And everyone who is trying to manage everything that is happening right now. Especially those who have limited time for self-care. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Anxious? Exhausted? 


A little oasis of relief is here for you.


Everyone deserves an opportunity to reconnect with their breath, and to reconnect with their inner state of calm. Deep down within each of us, calm is there. You might just need a little help getting there. Especially now.

This short hypnotic guided meditation track is for you. All of you.


There's no work for you in this meditation practice. Listening passively is perfectly fine. Effortless. There's nothing else you need to do. I'll guide you into a relaxed state. Feel free to listen as you fall asleep at night. That's right. It's okay if you don't hear all the words.

I recommend listening while sitting or laying down, just not while driving. If you have headphones, this is a great time to use them. This track encourages tuning into your breath, as well as drifting down into a relaxed state of being, ending with bells. 


Enjoy, and please let me know how you feel after. You can contact me here.

Sending peace + calm your way,


P.S. Curious about longer customized sessions? More info here.

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