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Do you ever deal with aches and pains in your head or neck?

Want some support releasing stress or anxiety?

If so, you're a great candidate for my group course: 
Soothing Self-Massage + Meditation: Letting Go of Head and Neck Tension


Each somatic sensory class experience includes practical tools to help calm your nervous system, ease tension, and guide you towards a deeply relaxed state. 


Why massage? It feels good. We can use self-massage and our sense of touch as a meditation focus, to develop better awareness and connection with our body, to tune into the present moment, and to simultaneously calm and soothe our nerves. Plus, most people with stress and anxiety also report issues with muscle tension. 

Hi! My name is Christina Aumann. I am a Certified Massage Therapist with an extensive background in Myofascial Release and Thai Yoga Massage, two modalities which focus on slow mindful touch. I'm also a Certified Restorative Hypnotherapist, integrating and supporting your mind as well as your body. Your mind, and your imagination, are powerful tools. They can help with increasing AND decreasing stress and anxiety.

Group classes are taught livestream through Zoom, in the comfort of your own space. Each class starts with an accessible short meditation technique to help you tune into the present moment.


"This online course would have been a great joy to me any year. But inside 2020-2021 and the prolonged sheltering in place; this course brought me so much relief


Christina, through her intentional use of high quality sound and visuals, the flow of the course, and mindful moments of engagement with her audience, temporarily built a virtual world for us to share with her. It was the most authentically human experience I've had in any virtual format. 

This class also reminded me of the importance of the human connection component of these practices. I had been listening to app-based guided meditations but it's just not the same as working with a teacher, in real time. This was a very restorative experience for me."

— Jackie


What is covered in each 90 minute class?

First class: Introduction, Jaw + Face 

We'll start with a gentle guided breathing meditation. You will learn and practice mindful self-massage and acupressure for the jaw, sinuses, and eye strain, followed with a wonderful guided hypnotic meditation while in an easy restorative yoga pose. 


Second Class: Neck + Upper Back 

We'll start with an accessible mantra meditation to direct some compassion towards yourself and others. You will learn and practice mindful self-massage for the neck + upper back, followed with a relaxing guided hypnotic meditation while in a comfy restorative yoga pose. 

Why is this important?

Now more than ever, people are dealing with eye strain, tension headaches, grinding teeth, neck pain, stress, and anxiety.


There are so many aspects of our daily lives which trigger and amplify our fight and flight response. So much that some of us have become experts at this. 

The good news? You can learn different ways to calm your nervous system, to soothe those aching muscles, and to encourage the rest and digest response. Some of us can benefit from multiple daily or weekly practice sessions. We'll start with these two 90-minute sessions together, one week apart.


The more we can practice focusing on the present moment and evoking calm, the better we get at it. 

What you need for our first class:

  • A good internet connection

  • Zoom client installed on a laptop or smartphone with a webcam

  • A place to sit and view your screen with hands free

  • Your hands, arms, and fingers

  • A place to lay down for about 25 to 30 minutes towards the end of class, such as a sofa or bed

  • Pillows, blankets, and eye cover

For the best possible experience: 

  • Avoid caffeine for at least 4 hours before our session

  • Plan to be in a distraction-free environment for our full 90-minute class

  • Have comfortable earphones or headphones ready for the guided hypnotic meditation towards the end of our class

People who complete both classes from Soothing Self-Massage + Meditation: Letting Go of Head and Neck Tension, will learn:

  • Two stress-relieving breathing techniques

  • Multiple self-massage techniques to ease common areas of tension

  • How to set up two comfy supported restorative yoga positions

  • Special guided hypnotic meditations to calm your body + mind.

You will be able to practice techniques learned in class again at a later time, whether you have 2, 5, 10, or 20 minutes to devote to your practice.


BONUS items for people who register and attend:

  • Private video recording of each class available for 48 hours

  • Brief PDF overview of each class with reminders on main techniques 

  • An audio recording of a 15-minute soothing guided meditation

Investment: This sequence of two 90-minute group classes is $95 per person, with a scholarship option for people with financial hardship. Maximum of 12 students per class. 10% of proceeds for March + April 2021 classes will be donated to LA Food Bank.

It's time to let go and allow comfort and relaxation to flow into your whole being. Sign up now for the next course.

Note: Group classes can help with stress and tension common in many humans. More information about private sessions here.
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