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In early 2020, I was in a restorative hypnotherapy session with a client when I had a strong experience of déjà vu. In a flash, I remembered a project from my 3D digital art class in college, roughly 25 years earlier. In that class, we imagined a world that had been turned upside down by war or disease. Everyone was forced to live underground for several months at a time. I decided to create a special room to help calm the frazzled inhabitants. This included dreamy visual art and an audio recording where I said very slowly, “With each breath, you feel more …and …more… relaxed.” 


How did I get here? I was a pretty good student in most subjects, but I fell in love with art making in high school. Unfortunately, my family didn’t think art was worthwhile to study in college. I majored in studio art anyway. 


But I felt misunderstood, and out of alignment. Anxiety set in. I would get flushed, feel constricted, my mind would race, and I couldn’t eat. It was the worst around dinner time. Going for a brisk walk helped. And making art helped. There is a meditative present-moment focus that I experienced when touching, seeing, and smelling the art materials, paired with the engaging process of creating something from nothing. Not long after graduating, I started working in arts eduction, helping college students on their path to degree completion, supporting them as they overcame challenges. 


Later, while participating in a chronic migraine study, I realized that my stress and anxiety, combined with bad posture, was causing significant head and neck pain. This is what got me started on my healing journey. I explored yoga, meditation, massage, rock climbing, and more.


I received my first Restorative Hypnotherapy session around 2008. My teacher + mentor Lisa developed this wonderful combination of restorative yoga, meditation, and hypnotherapy. It was the most soothing, nurturing experience! After our sessions, I felt so relaxed, so tuned in, and so grounded! Over the course of several sessions, Lisa gave me multiple tools and the experience of deep extended relaxation to ease my anxiety, and let go of old fears. From this new place of calm confidence, I was able to speak my truth within romantic relationships better than ever before. I was able to recognize dysfunctional situations, communicate my needs, and let go when needed.


In early 2017, I spent 100 days traveling around the world, including a full month in Laos at an advanced Thai yoga massage training program in the forest. I returned home, and taught art and design while learning additional ways to help others. I became a certified massage therapist, and a certified restorative hypnotherapist. 


Why massage and hypnotherapy? The practices I’ve found to have the most profound positive impact are those that help me increased awareness of my body and intuition. 


Here we are in 2021, we've all been affected in one way or another by the pandemic. So much grief and devastation, so much exhaustion. More people are struggling with anxiety and depression than ever before.

Fortunately, remote restorative hypnotherapy sessions are just as profound as in-person sessions. 


Restorative Hypnotherapy saved me during the pandemic -- and, this is what has helped my clients as well. It’s been such a joy to be able to help others during this difficult time.

Bodywork sessions are available again, for those in Los Angeles.


It would be my honor and privilege to help you.


Please contact me to set up a free 20 minute phone call to see if we’d be a good fit!


Looking forward to hearing from you, and helping you feel good again.

Christina Aumann, CRH, CMT

Certified Restorative Hypnotherapist

California Certified Massage Therapist #76230

Hi! My name is Christina Aumann. I help people let go of stress and tension with soothing sensory experiences for deep relaxation.

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