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Advantages of Thai sessions on the floor

What is Thai Yoga Bodywork? It can be considered a fusion between yoga, massage, and energy work. It is traditionally practiced on fully clothed clients on a floor mat, and can be modified for table sessions. It is a whole-body treatment with passive stretching, joint mobilization, and acupressure along energy meridians — all while sending loving kindness meditation to the recipient. The effects can include feelings of peace, increased energy flow, and improved flexibility.

Advantages of Thai - focused floor sessions:

  1. You prefer medium to firm pressure. When you're on the floor, I can slowly pour more of my weight into compressions and stretches.

  2. You're modest. You want to wear full-length leggings and top. Floor Thai sessions are perfect for you! Everything is designed for full coverage clothing. I suggest wearing thinner materials you can easily move in, such as yoga clothing. Jeans, formal clothing, dresses, and skirts are not recommended.

  3. You're tired, overworked, and/or stressed -- you just want to have a very relaxing passive session. Perfect, get on the floor! When you're on the table, you have to do the work to move from one position to another (i.e. face up to side-lying to face down). On the floor, I'll move you.

  4. For runners and others who want to focus on hips, legs, & feet. So much more is possible on the floor.

  5. You're adventurous. You want to try something different.

  6. Many other techniques can be integrated into floor Thai sessions, such as: Myofascial Release (MFR) Therapy, Trigger Point, vibration and sound therapies, acupressure, as well as active-resistance sports techniques.

  7. You will be supported on a clean comfy floor mat.

Q: But wait! I've heard Thai Bodywork sessions are very aggressive!

A: Not how I practice. I go very slowly, very mindfully.

All that said, there are a couple good reasons to schedule table sessions with me:

  1. You prefer light to medium pressure.

  2. You want to focus most of your session on head, neck, shoulders, and/or spine, and you prefer gentle attention in these areas.

Whatever your preference, I'm able to do both. Just indicate if you want a floor or table session when booking your appointment.

Looking forward to supporting you on your healing journey.

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