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You deserve to feel good again


Let go of muscle tension and stress through mindful bodywork and restorative hypnotherapy. 

Soothing sensory experiences slowly expand awareness and connection between your body and mind. Tune into sensations throughout your whole body, and ground into the present moment. Enjoy easy supported restorative yoga positions while listening to special guided meditations. Allow additional comfort and relaxation to flow into your whole being.

One-on-one personalized hypnotherapy sessions and group classes available through Zoom.

In-person bodywork sessions are available again!


Are you ready to feel good again?


"As an ICU nurse I frequently encounter stressful situations and hypnotherapy has been a huge help. Christina has such a warm, caring, compassionate, genuine approach with a calm soothing voice.  She does a wonderful job of making me feel relaxed and peaceful. I highly recommend a restorative hypnotherapy session with her!"

– Brandy / Nurse

"Christina is a generous and healing presence. I felt more deeply relaxed and grounded after my first session then I ever have. I was struggling with grinding my teeth at night and the hypnotherapy provided a more restful regenerative time. The sessions benefitted my ability to flow and be present in my day to day life. Incorporating this self care has allowed me to go deeper in healing some of my own issues and receiving the recording for future use is a huge benefit.  I highly recommend experiencing restorative hypnotherapy for yourself."

– Kristie / Marketing Executive

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