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Curious what a bodywork session might look like? 

Banyan Bodywork sessions are customized to your needs on that day. We work together towards your goals. We might focus on certain issues or areas, like shoulder mobility or hip pain, address a condition such as headaches, plantar fasciitis, or help with feelings of stress or anxiety

Sessions are available in Los Angeles county

For all my bodywork sessions, we will both wear masks covering our nose and mouth throughout your session.


Table sessions focus on Myofascial Release (MFR). These sessions emphasize slow sustained pressure and stretching with an intention to bring structural changes to deeper layers of muscles, fascia, and other connective tissues. Depending on your goals, some Thai Yoga Massage, restorative yoga, and guided meditation may be integrated into your session.

  • Excellent option for addressing specific issues and conditions

  • You will be wearing shorts + sports bra during the session

  • Available session length: 60 or 90 minutes

  • Table sessions are recommended for anyone with head/neck/jaw issues, as more care can be taken to support these areas

Floor sessions are on a floor mat. Thai Yoga Bodywork methods are emphasized. Some Myofascial Release, restorative yoga, and guided meditation may be infused into your session.

  • Wonderful option for an overall relaxing session

  • Can also address specific issues in some areas of the body

  • Feels like being moved and stretched through a yoga sequence

  • You will be fully clothed during the session

  • Available session length: 90 minutes


  • 90 minutes: $160

  • 60 minutes: $135

  • Package of two 60 minute sessions, use within three months: $250

  • Package of two 90 minute sessions, use within three months: $300

These rates include travel within 15 miles of Pasadena, California. Pre-payment required at least 24 hours in advance to confirm appointment. Payment by credit card, Zelle, or Venmo. I do not take insurance.


Please contact me to schedule a free 15 minute phone call to see if we’d be a good fit, and to coordinate your first session.

New clients need to fill out my Client Health + COVID consent/screening paperwork at least 24 hours before their scheduled session. This information will be used to help plan safe and effective sessions.


Cancellation/Missed Appointment/Late Arrival Policies

Safety for Clients & Practitioners

What to wear and expect for your session?

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