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Reconnect to the best of you, and let go of everything else.


Through engagement with your whole body and mind, Restorative Hypnotherapy can release fear and tension, as well as encouraging deeper levels of relaxation. Discover a place where deep rest and healing are truly possible.


Self-care techniques are taught as part of all sessions, which may include breathing techniques, self-hypnosis, mindfulness, self-massage, and more.

Reset your nervous system with comfortable restorative yoga, and recharge with a guided hypnotic meditation incorporating positive suggestions and more.

Available as livestream remote sessions via Zoom.



  • Restorative hypnotherapy personalized for each client and each session

  • Excellent for addressing your specific situation + goals in depth

  • Session length: About 2.5 hours for first session; 2 hrs for subsequent sessions

  • A recording of the trance part of your session is included with each one-on-one session. Listening to your recording a few times a week (or more) will maximize your benefits. 



  • Initial single session: $165 (2.5 hours)

  • Follow up individual session: $140 (2 hours)

  • Package of three sessions: $400 (6.5 hours total)

hypnotherapy TESTIMONIALS

"This is like getting a facelift for your entire being. Sometimes I literally looked like I went to the spa afterward.


We know that stress can have a cumulative effect on our ability to adapt or manage the present as it settles into old grooves. Christina crafted sessions that allowed me to let go in such a deep and nourishing way that each session ended with new and often incredible energy and lightness.


In each trance I felt like a child going into my mother’s arms. My experience is that doing this over a period of weeks can be life changing, so it’s really worth several sessions if not an integrated part of your routines for optimal living."



What Are the Advantages of Remote Sessions?

  • You'll be in the comfort and security of your home. 

  • Learning how to set up at home means you can re-create anytime you want or need.

  • After the session, you can stay and enjoy the comfy supported position as long as you like -- No need to get up and deal with traffic afterwards.

Payment Methods

Pre-payment is required to confirm your appointment. Pay with credit card via Square for private sessions. I do not take insurance. 

Cancellation/Missed Appointment/Late Arrival Policies

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